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OK all going to get this going again, lets have some fun and post away, thanks for joining.

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 Wheely King shaft upgrade Walkthrough

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PostSubject: Wheely King shaft upgrade Walkthrough   Sun Nov 02, 2008 9:56 am

Ok I guess you might have noticed I got a new camera lol
On To The WK Shaft Upgrade
Ok with Brushless power comes Brushless problems.
You'll need Traxxas parts 2 EA. of part #4928x and 1EA. of part #4951x
got mine on ebay cost around $18.00 shipped
First we need to take out the old shafts.
First remove the ''c'' clip from the lower suspension link on one side and remove the pin.

I used a xacto blade in the pic to do this but found a tiny screwdriver to work better.
Next remove the set screw pins from the shafts.

(ok so pic was of totaled shaft but you get the idea lol)
Now that you have removed suspension link pins, and shaft set screw pins you can spread out the front/rear end and pretty much drop out the old shaft.

OK theres how to take out the old ones.
Now to make the new ones.
First to put together out maxx shafts.
Its a pain in the butt, but has to be done.
they are just soo much stronger you'l see the differance quickly

After you've assembled your shafts it time to cut them to legnth.
I measure mine out against the old ones and cut just a wisker shorter.
The new ones are the bottom ones.

I used a small tubing cutter but can do it many ways.

The newly made shafts on the bottom

Now thats done all thats left is to reinstall tham and your done.

With this and the tranny gear walkthrough your ready for BL power untill your F/r end diffs need an up grade.
But I'll be doing the free upgrade soon thats a big help.
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Wheely King shaft upgrade Walkthrough
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