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OK all going to get this going again, lets have some fun and post away, thanks for joining.


 I'm done 8-[

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I'm done 8-[ Empty
PostSubject: I'm done 8-[   I'm done 8-[ Icon_minitimeTue Jan 26, 2010 11:02 am

well guys i think i am getting out of the hobby.......
i have a bunch of other stuff going on in my life i don't have any time or the money to stay in the hobby, been focusing mainly on my mower dumping all my money in that to get ready for the upcoming season and rc's just got pushed out of the way i really liked the hobby got the chance talked with and get help from many great people and had fun while it lasted they just got to be much i jumped in to it and it got way too $$$$$$$ having 5 r'c to keep up buying fule and plugs almost everytime i wanted to run them and all my money going in to a rc i just think it will be good to just step back from the hobby for a while just let the trucks on the shelf for a year or so and maybe get back into it later hope all you guys are well and hope to stay in touch with your guys builds and keep reading on the site ive had a good time on here is some good chats in the box and i will always remember the things you guys told me about the hobby hope to talk to you guys later

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I'm done 8-[
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