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OK all going to get this going again, lets have some fun and post away, thanks for joining.

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 Project Dark One and Uber Tuber

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PostSubject: Project Dark One and Uber Tuber   Wed Oct 07, 2009 11:11 am

Hey Guys its been awhile since i have posted...but that doesnt mean i have been sitting still on the RC side of life. Far from it..the collection has grown a lot and i have gotten a few more of my projects running. woooohoooo Here are some pics of the Tuber i built (Project Dark One) and a Tuber i bought from a buddy (Uber Tuber). I have since fixed the rear suspension issues with the Dark one by converting the rear end back to 3 link and making longer lower links.


Dark One

Base Truck: Axial AX10 RTR
Chassis: Double T
Suspension: Four Link in front Thee link in rear.
Shocks/Springs: Stock axial with axial super soft springs.
Transmission: AX10
Axles: Ax10
Steering: 2ws
Servo: Stock Axial on front axle
Motor: Reedy 55T
ESC: Stock Axial soon to be replaced with Novak Rooster
Remote: Stock Axial soon to be replaced with JR XS3
Wheels: Axial Rockster (Black)
Tires: Proline Masher 2000s
Foams: Proline Memory Foam

Uber Tuber

Base truck: Axial AX10 ARTR
Chassis: TCS Edge
Suspension: Four Link front and rear
Shocks/Springs: Stock Axial shocks with no springs (Droop Configuration)
Transmission: RC4wd R2 Disconnect
Axles: AX10
Steering; 4ws
Servos: Hitec 645s on front and rear axles and on disconnect
Motor: Integy 55T
ESC: Novak Rooster Crawler
Remote: Futaba Conquest 7 ch stick radio
Wheels: stock Axial 8 hole wheels
Tires: Losi front and panther rear
Foams: Trimmed axial stock foam.
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Project Dark One and Uber Tuber
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