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OK all going to get this going again, lets have some fun and post away, thanks for joining.

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 T-Maxx Nitro Trucks

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PostSubject: T-Maxx Nitro Trucks   Wed Sep 10, 2008 2:44 pm

Another one of my favorite RC's I've owned was my T-maxx's I had 3.
Monsterous fun had with these trucks and I'll probably have another in the future.
The upgradability of these trucks is amazing and they are a blast to drive pretty much anywhere.

This was my first maxx build man that truck opened my eyes to the phenom they call T-MAXX

Next was my most favorite build, was tons of 3.3 parts and aluminum. This truck was one of the most expensive builds I've ever done wit over $1,300 invested and many hours of making everything perfict in every way I could.
More aluminum than I can now remember and and all new parts except a few minor parts.

The third I built from spare parts I had acumulated in the build of maxx #2 lol It was pretty much stock and nothing really special.
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PostSubject: Re: T-Maxx Nitro Trucks   Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:07 pm

Man I got quite a stah of Maxx parts, maybe even a roller. I also have three T's and an S. The original Pro .15 T- Maxx was my first truck. It was given to me 2 years ago. You should check out my Maxx I built pictures over in WHO'S GOT A MAXX thread

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T-Maxx Nitro Trucks
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